Ish is…

"...a true underground icon...his recordings are hidden treasures of the Anti-folk community."... ADAM GREEN

"....a unique and talented musician,and everyone should take the time to hear him live..." REGINA SPEKTOR

" of the most amazing and unique artists I know, a true soul-singing star of the underground and unlike anything you've ever experienced. I've been rabidly attending his shows in NYC for ages, you must not miss the rare chance to see him in the UK!!"...." JEFFREY LEWIS

"It's a humbling experience to watch a room full of people watch Ish sing. He sings to be heard. He sings as if he is reaching out into the audience to make a connection with everyone who is listening. Ish is one of the purist artistic talents I know and his music lives in a special place for those who know and love it." TURNER CODY

"...a powerful sound and an equally powerful voice make Ish captivating and truly worth listening to." RENE FERRER


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I was born and raised in the Bronx in New York City…I taught myself how to play guitar at 11 years of age and started writing what is now my original material 10 years later…since then, I have completed over 200 songs and have been touring Europe for four years now….
I live in Europe at the moment and will continue performing there….I hope you enjoy my new disc, “Ahab’d Again” if you have purchased it and hope you buy it if you haven’t already(it helps with my continuing to perform)…I am proud of it and am eagerly awaiting to get back to recording more of my new songs….
Hope you make it out to see me and hope everyone reading this have a cool day and great evening.
sincerely, ish marquez

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Ish has been described as many things by his fellow anti-folksters but my favourite has to be Anders Griffen’s description of Ish as, “Middle Eastern Gypsy meets Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan with elements of doo-wop and punk”. Add a bit of Arthur Lee into the mix and turn down the Dylan slightly and he’s pretty close. —Chaffinch Jones


In New York City’s Anti-Folk scene, Ish Marquez comes from the dilapidated boro of the Bronx to the Lower East Side’s Sidewalk cafe during the late ’90s. In 1999 he met the guitar player Spencer Chakedis and started writing seriously with him by 2001. The music created by the two of them is the very best, sincere and under-appreciated mix of rock, soul and an outpouring of lost innocence and prayer. They are unsurpassed Kings of Original Anti-Folk and some of the most intense live performers that the scene and this world are likely to ever see again! To see them live is a testimony of all that is sacred in our singer/songwriting pool and they live,breathe and rock in the purgatory world of MUSIC’S ANTI-FOLK!

Band members past and present (source:

Rene Ferrer (lead guitar and bass on,”Is There Really Such a Word”), Rich Pantojas, Manny Oquendo, Rich Cordero, Ivan and Caesar Lopez, Ernesto Gomez, Phil Logerfo, Spencer Chakedis, Amos Torres, Alice Hautfaust, Mathias Carlson, James Telfer, Lisa Weissberg, Gerson Ortiz, Rob Sonnenberg, Tom Taggart, Jeff Lewis (hand clapping on Glow Yer Glow), Brer Brian, Sarah Kittel, Anders Griffin, Scott Fragala, Gavin Daly (trombones on “Glow Yer Glow), Manuel Brent Fargas, Jan Junker, Stanley Brinks, Clemence Freschard, Grey Revell, Seth of Dufus, Teddy-O, Deenah Moffie, Lee Greenman, and a host of others I can’t think of at the moment!