Ish is…

"...a true underground icon...his recordings are hidden treasures of the Anti-folk community."... ADAM GREEN

"....a unique and talented musician,and everyone should take the time to hear him live..." REGINA SPEKTOR

" of the most amazing and unique artists I know, a true soul-singing star of the underground and unlike anything you've ever experienced. I've been rabidly attending his shows in NYC for ages, you must not miss the rare chance to see him in the UK!!"...." JEFFREY LEWIS

"It's a humbling experience to watch a room full of people watch Ish sing. He sings to be heard. He sings as if he is reaching out into the audience to make a connection with everyone who is listening. Ish is one of the purist artistic talents I know and his music lives in a special place for those who know and love it." TURNER CODY

"...a powerful sound and an equally powerful voice make Ish captivating and truly worth listening to." RENE FERRER

New CD release-“Ahab’d Again”

Okay, the word is out that the new CD is making it’s way home. Please support the effort and work put into producing this CD and order your pre-release copy now. There will be a limited run of only a few hundred copies available.

Your early contribution will help us with the costs and expenses of printing, mailings and promotion of Ish’s music to as many people as possible.

Ish Marquez – CD promo

Order your pre-release copy today!