Ish is…

"...a true underground icon...his recordings are hidden treasures of the Anti-folk community."... ADAM GREEN

"....a unique and talented musician,and everyone should take the time to hear him live..." REGINA SPEKTOR

" of the most amazing and unique artists I know, a true soul-singing star of the underground and unlike anything you've ever experienced. I've been rabidly attending his shows in NYC for ages, you must not miss the rare chance to see him in the UK!!"...." JEFFREY LEWIS

"It's a humbling experience to watch a room full of people watch Ish sing. He sings to be heard. He sings as if he is reaching out into the audience to make a connection with everyone who is listening. Ish is one of the purist artistic talents I know and his music lives in a special place for those who know and love it." TURNER CODY

"...a powerful sound and an equally powerful voice make Ish captivating and truly worth listening to." RENE FERRER


Ish Marquez discography

I PERCEIVE THINGS – one sided 7-song cassette, 1998

This is one of THE classic Ish “albums”. Unbeatable. NEEDS to be remastered to CD immediately, as a pair with the “Gin Is Not My Friend” tape (below). I’ve listened to this tape a million times since 1998. Although some of these songs were later re-recorded onto other albums THESE are by far the greatest versions. Not sure who the other musicians are – maybe all Ish via multi-tracking?

1. I Percieve Things
2. Poking Fun (At the Carnivore)
3. Homage To Casa
4. Love In Pain
5. Song For Clarissa
6. Freak Gemini
7. Rock Island Line

GIN IS NOT MY FRIEND – one sided 9-song cassette, 1999

Also perfection – to me it ranks second only to the I Percieve Things tape. Like I say, these two tapes REALLY ought to be transferred to CD format and mastered together as one CD. I’ll pay for this myself if need be – but I can only find my copy of the tape case and the tape’s missing! Somebody find me the tape and I’ll pay to get it mastered to CD unless someone’s already done this. This album is credited to “Ish Marquez & the Lonesome Crew”, but it is NOT the Lonesome Crew that was soon to be Ish’s band for the next few years (Anders Griffen and Scott Fragala). The credits on this tape (all hand-written on each tape liner by Ish) say (I’ve typed this exactly as it’s written):

Ish Marquez & the Lonesome Crew:
Ish: singer, guitars, Hollers
Ritchie Pantojas: guitars, perc., Hollers
Ernesto Gomez: Harmonica, perc., coughs
recorded at Paul Johnsons Compactor Studios March ’99 Thanx Enjoy

1. Gin Is Not My Friend
2. You Go With Your Bad Self
3. After This the Flood
4. Stopped Being Your Mirror
5. With Holding the Gospel
6. Goin’ Through
7. Old N.Y./Just a Prelude
8. Compassion Becoming Obsolete
9. OK Mr Heinze You Win

ISH MARQUEZ’ BEST PICKS – cassette, 1999 or 2000

A tape compilation that Ish made of live performances. I have no track listing for it. It’s mostly bad sound quality but some cool stuff.

1. Gin Is Not My Friend
2. You Go With your Bad Self
3. After This the Flood
4. Stopped Being your Mirror
5. I’m A Threat
6. Witholding the Gospel
7. Do I Want You
8. Natural = Obvious
9. Compassion Becoming Obsolete
10. Goin’ Thru
11. Poking Fun at the Carnivore
12. Old New York
13. One Injustice After Another
14. If 6 Was 9
15. I Perceive Things

Out Of Darkness Compilation CD (Released August 2009)

Submitted track: “Is There Really Such a Word” (Ish Marquez  feat: Rene Ferrer on bass and electric guitar)

This charity compilation CD, by Artists4Charity & Songweavers, features dozens of international recording artists with songs to promote recovery and healing from alcoholism, addiction, and related mental illness. All proceeds are being donated to Alcoholics Anonymous and the Salvation Army. .

Ish wrote “Is There Really Such a Word” based on his experiences with darkness and references his friends who he has lost along the way to this dangerous foe.  He has donated this song to help raise awareness and healing to those suffering from this disease.